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Welcome to Lee Goren Hockey and Coaching


teaching young hockey players the game and the life lessons it provides

Over the course of my 35 plus years in hockey at the NHL, professional, collegiate and youth levels, I’ve developed a passion for building the game, building athletes and building great youth to lead our society in the future.  This passion has ignited my desire to work with hockey players of all ages and levels.  My goal is to inspire these players both on and off the ice while maximizing their player potential.

If it were easy, everyone would do it.  In my life I learned that hard work does pay off.  Growing up in Canada, I didn’t turn into a hockey player until later in my youth career.  What made me a better player was having coaches that believed in me, pushed my abilities, but encouraged me to reach beyond myself.  These lessons turned me into a professional hockey player and now I want to give back and teach these core lessons to our youth.

Lee Goren

Lee Goren Hockey and Coaching

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